Social responsibility policy


With our customers
Offer our guests personalized best accommodation experiences, exceeding their expectations with the excellence of our best services.

With the Company
Actively seek ways to generate prosperity and sustainable development in the communities where we are present, respecting and promoting their culture, traditions and values, with particular attention to children and the most vulnerable groups.

With the environment
Help preserve the environment and landscape environment, ensuring the impact of our activities and promoting awareness of sustainability in all our stakeholders.

With our suppliers
Bring our professionalism and dimension to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit.

With our partners
Offer the best opportunities for professional development from the stability of a family business and the strength of a major international leader who knows recognize equity commitment, talent and achievement.

With our shareholders and investors
Manage the Company with criteria of transparency, rigor and good governance, to achieve profitability and increase value in the medium and long term.

With our owners and partners
Provide comprehensive services for the best return on their investment, managing with professionalism, seriousness and confidence of a great brand of international prestige.